PDF Workflows And Pro Print Shops

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An intriguing workflow problem arises in digital color printing. This technology is commonly marketed directly to the corporate or commercial user rather than the professional design industry. That means a higher percentage of files created with programs that tend strongly to cause problems when output at high resolution from Corel-Draw, word processors, presentation programs, spreadsheets and more. If experienced designers still make errors in font usage, file types, color matching, degrades, knockouts and bleeds (to name a few areas a successful designer has to master), the average computer user will do far worse. Therefore, the likelihood is high that each job may have to be repaired, even rebuilt, as part of the workflow. And that has to impact prices or profit margins.

Help may be on the way. There’s a revolution in workflow about to happen, in the form of PDF-based workflows, based on an enhanced version of Adobe’s Portable Document Format technology. As a technology for color printing, it’s been slow to arrive and confusingly presented, but now is starting to gain momentum.

PDF has worked reasonably well with


Quark Was The Best, Hands-Down

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“Everywhere” is not hyperbole when it comes to the magazine industry. Chances are, if you’re publishing a magazine, you’re using QuarkXPress. According to Folio:’s annual desktop publishing survey , QuarkXPress continues its reign as the page-layout program of choice with 97.4 percent of the survey respondents using the product. Rival PageMaker from San Jose, California-based Adobe Systems Inc. is used by only 4.4 percent of the magazine art departments surveyed.

With more than 75 new features in the new version, Quark experts to keep its publishing customers happy. Here are some highlights that design and production departments will find particularly useful:

Bezier bonanza

Many of the new features allow designers to use drawing and illustration tools within QuarkXPress, where they would normally have to switch out of the program and use illustration software like Adobe Illustrator. Version 4.0 supports Bezier shapes and lines and Bezier points and curve handles. Designers can also create and edit clipping paths in the same way they do Bezier objects, flow text along curved Bezier lines, and convert text into a Bezier-outline shape and


US Energy Policy – Getting Better?

usepAttempting to assuage concerns of both the environmental community and the energy industry, the Clinton administration has proposed a mixed bag of an energy policy. Clinton’s “Vision of Change for America,” released following his State of the Union address in February, outlines a shift in emphasis away from oil, coal and nuclear power toward efficiency and renewable energy sources. But since February, Clinton’s clean energy strategy has been whittled away by compromises with powerful business interests.

President Clinton comes into office as U.S. energy policy stands on the threshold. This administration can permanently break from the wasteful, polluting policies of the past. The opportunity exists to reverse the costly policies of the last 12 years. Many important decisions are in the hands of the Clinton administration, dealing with everything from nuclear waste and power to energy taxation to implementation of last falls’ Energy Policy Act, containing some of the most sweeping changes to energy regulation in over a decade.

Environmentalists generally have applauded Clinton’s turn toward a more sustainable energy strategy while protesting many of the Clinton plan’s specifics. The …


Low End Theory – The Cheaper Shots

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Corel Print House 1.1

Corel Corp. has a reputation for filling its product boxes with a grab bag of utilities, special features, and add-ons like fonts and clip art. Print House 1.1 nimbly toes the company line with a wealth of design tools and all the extras you could ever need to create nearly two-dozen types of projects.

The riches include more than 1,000 professionally designed templates you can modify, 5,000 pieces of clip art, 1,000 photographs, 100 fonts, numerous borders, a database of attention-getting phrases, and eye-catching backdrops. The package even provides a TWAIN-compliant scanner module for capturing images directly, and a version of Netscape Navigator. Moreover, Print House is the only product we looked at that was available for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

As desktop publishing programs go, though, the $59 Print House has more in common with Broderbund’s Print Shop than with the same vendor’s Print Shop PressWriter. Corel’s offering works best when you use one of the hundreds of ready-made templates for everything from business forms and calendars to certificates, labels, and envelopes. Creating


Fake Healthcare Companies, The SEC, and Dogs!

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f you think your dog could do a better job than most investors in choosing stocks, the Securities and Exchange Commission is way ahead of you. They’ve found two dogs who inadvertently played a role in an alleged million-dollar stock swindle involving a company that called itself American Healthcare Providers.

funny-doctorsLast week, the SEC sued AHP, a New York City shell corporation, and five of its officers for their role in an Internet market-manipulation scheme. The SEC alleges that the company and its officers, who ran AHP from a New York apartment, had no business operations and existed only on paper as a “pump and dump” scheme.

Through a series of press releases, Internet message board postings and the company’s Web site, AHP allegedly advertised that it had acquired businesses and entered a $90 million contract with New York City-and, using aliases, it repeated the alleged misrepresentations to tout stock.

In a civil complaint the SEC charged the officers with defrauding stockholders through false statements and misrepresentations. The SEC sued Angel Lorie, 58, of Miami, whom it described as a


Incinerator Terminator?

itThe Waste Technologies Inc. (WTI) hazardous waste incinerator rises off the banks of the Ohio River, its bulky profile dominating the gray Ohio Valley skyline. The incinerator, built just 400 feet from houses and a quarter mile from an elementary school, has in some ways come to symbolize the administration’s tangled grappling with balancing environmental protection and economic recovery. Despite a string of campaign trail promises to stop the $160 million incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio from even conducting a test bum, the administration has done nothing to stop its operation, which began in March.

“We view this issue as a litmus test for the administration, a test that goes beyond environmental policy to the way it sets priorities for the nation itself,” says Terri Swearingen, who lives across the river from the incinerator and has helped lead a grassroots effort against it. “Clinton ran a campaign based on putting people first, on making change. Well, all I know is residents of the Ohio Valley certainly haven’t been put first.”

The incinerator can legally emit 9,400 pounds of lead and …


Repair RAID 5 Manually

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r5RAID or redundant array of inexpensive disks is very helpful in storing and duplicating the files for future use. However, when one of these disks failed, a repair RAID 5 would be necessary. Some individuals who are knowledgeable with repair RAID 5 can manually fix the problem. They can reconstruct all the data of the dysfunctional disk in order to restore the files and have a new space for storage. In disk management, you have to choose a new area for free space that has similar size of RAID 5 volume and regenerate the data.

If there is a need for you to restart the computer, the information will be read by the volume manager to reconstruct the lost data and write it to other disks. The volume should be locked through an operating system in order to successfully recover the lost files. However, if you cannot manage to repair the RAID 5, it is recommended you seek experienced help in order to not cause further damage on the disks. Retrieving the lost files is possible as long as you let the expert technician do it for you. If speed is required for your server repair, an emergency service can be used. It can be done in a few minutes, depending on the expertise of the person doing the repair RAID 5.

How Fast Can Repair RAID 5 Array Fix Your Hard Drive Issues?

Let us all face the reality: hard drives are helpful but they are really sensitive. Try unplugging one without safely ejecting, and you’ll easily damage the files inside. Yes, we know. You may have spent a long time waiting for the files to be transferred or copied to your hard drive and waiting for this makes you want to hurry up and unplug it as soon as you finish copying or moving the files. But wait! Did you forget something? Yes! Something small, yet so important. It is to safely remove the hard drive? This small thing is important since you have to make sure you cut their connection before unplugging.

If you do not do this, then prepare to repair your RAID 5 array with this guide since you will be needing some real tips because you didn’t safely unplug your hard drive array. Keep reading »


Technology And Pharmacists Really Changed The Industry

The ongoing shortage of pharmacists, coupled with third-party reimbursements and the low margins they entail, have caused operational challenges for drug stores, and many retailers are meeting those challenges with technological solutions.

Numerous retailers indicate that without automation and other pharmacy technology consumers would face long waits for their prescriptions to be filled, and chains would even be forced to close some of their pharmacies for part of the day.

The aid technology gives pharmacists, they note, has helped pharmacists handle the expanded workload that has besieged them in recent years and helped minimize the number of dispensing errors.

“Our ultimate goal is to alleviate pharmacists’ work stress and further enhance patient care by freeing the pharmacist’s time,” comments London Drugs Ltd. general manager of pharmacy John Tse. “By employing automation we realized that we could grow our business without adding staff.”

According to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, the number of prescriptions filled in the United States is expected to increase by a third from the current 3 billion a year to more than 4 billion


Vitamins And Minerals Which Are Good For Your Bones

vamThe sunlight is the source of vitamin D, so every day each person should spend some time working or walking outside in order to get a daily dose of vitamin D. This is also valid for patients who suffer of joints pain that is result of rheumatoid arthritis. Vitamin D can affect the joints well and ease your pain if you suffer from RA disease. Some people claim that certain food can ease the fatigue and pain you feel, so consider planning a diet for rheumatoid arthritis. Your doctor may help you as well as common sense. We all know that Mediterranean diet is good for health, so if you do not eat fresh fruit and veggies, try including them into your daily meals. Mediterranean diet is full of excellent and delicious foods, so find your inspiration in Italian or Greek cuisine. Italian cuisine uses a lot of tomatoes, that are excellent antioxidants. Also, consider including fresh fruits, olives and olive oil that are used in both Greek and Italian cuisine. They are full of nutrients your bodies will need. …


Native Groups Take On Mining Interests

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nafacAfter a protracted battle against a uranium processing company, the activist group Native Americans for a Clean Environment (NACE) played an instrumental role in shutting down the eastern Oklahoma facility last November. Sequoyah Fuels, which processed uranium for bombs and nuclear reactors, had been cited for over 15,000 violations of state and federal law over its 21-year history. Among other irregularities, the company disposed of thousands of tons of toxic and radioactive waste by calling it fertilizer, and a number of frogs with extra legs (one had nine) have been spotted near the facility. The final straw came when Sequoyah Fuels had an accident releasing a large cloud of nitrogen dioxide that caused about 30 area residents to be hospitalized.

Sequoyah Fuels may have been the most harmful employer in Vian and nearby Tahlequah, Oklahoma, but it was also one of the largest. And NACE’s Julie Moss is well aware of that fact. Sequoyah Fuels employed a number of Native Americans in a county that is 30 percent Cherokee.

“In the Cherokee Nation, unemployment and poverty levels are routinely two …