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The Jackal Hunt Begins- Far Cry 2 Is Now Available

Far Cry 2 is the most expected game of the year. Far Cry 2 is the next-generation first-person shooter from Ubisoft. Far Cry 2 will take you deep into the most beautiful but also most hostile environment in the world: Africa! More than just a visual and technological achievement, Far Cry will provide you with an unprecedented gaming experience.

Far Cry2 recieved a 9/10 grade from Gamesradar
The first reviews have begun appearing online this week!

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Boost Adobe CS4 Speed With Nvidia Quadro CX

NVIDIA announced a new graphic accelerator, NVIDIA ® Quadro ® CX, designed specifically to boost the speed for Adobe ® Creative Suite ® 4. For example, using NVIDIA CUDA ™ technology and the RapiHD ™ plug-in developed by Elemental Technologies, users can code videos in the H.264 format at very high speeds with Adobe Premiere ® Pro CS4, they can speed up the rendering time for the visual effects and they can preview at a better quality. The new graphics solution improves a number of applications that do visual intensive processing jobs due to the Quadro CX parallel processing unit.


New Cool Gaming Wordpres Theme (Best Ever!)

If you are interested in launching a new WordPress gaming blog, take a look at this theme, it’s very cool!
Description: Cool WordPress gaming theme made on a jungle background. Extremly good for those interested in action and adventure games.
Tags:green, 2 column, right sidebar, stylish
Color: Green
License: Free
Sidebar (left/right): Right
Download URL
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3D Videochat Webcam

MINORU is the name of the new 3D videochat web camera. Besides the fact the webcam looks very cool, it comes with the possibility to shoot 3D movies. Those watching the movies can use the well-known 3D glasses to get a 3D look at their chat partners. The MINORU 3D Videochat webcam is compatible with the following messaging services: Skype, AIM and Windows Live Messenger.


MSI Wind 2 – U120

MSI Wind is one of the few notebooks that was able to compete for popularity and success with the well-known Asus Eee PC. Being aware of the great potential that the laptop has, MSI is currently working on a second generation of MSI Wind. The second model, the MSI Wind 2, will be officially named U120. The new MSI Wind notebook will enter the stage with a completely new design, as Andy Tung from MSI, head of sales department for the United States said. Two versions of the notebook will be released, one with a hardisk and one with SSD memory.


The Robot Flame Walks Like Real People

Researchers from the University TU Delft (Netherlands) invented a robot that can imitate the human walking. The Flame robot is the most advanced robot in the world in terms of human walking. This comes after several similar projects failed. The Flame robot weights 15 kilograms and is 1.3 meters high. Flame can move to 0.45 meters per second. The Flame robot has 7 engines and an inertia sensor. Flame can handle 8 mm tall stairs. The coordinator of the scientists who invented this robot, Daan Hobbelen social sciences researcher, said that Flame is the most advanced robot in the world in terms of human walking.